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Fade Out: The Best Films of 2019

25. Avengers: Endgame (Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, US, 2019) Considering that a decade ago the output of the Marvel Cinematic Universe consisted of a semi-surprise success of Iron Man and the so-so The Incredible Hulk what's followed has been an exceptional achievement, at least in box office terms. For naysayers even the best Marvel offerings are likely to remain infantilised spectacle that threaten the very soul of cinema, but I would argue as a franchise it's shown greater willingness to mix and deviate from its formula than the Star Wars saga that has just limped to a conclusion. Endgame is a bloated monster of a film and while not as satisfying as the very best the studio has managed ( Guardians of the Galaxy , Black Panther ) it's confident enough to take its time and throw in a few curveballs, particularly during its low-key first hour. Quite how much sense all the time travelling hijinks make to those unfamiliar with previous instalments I'm not qualifi