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The London That Nobody Knew

Here's something I wrote back in 2010, a quasi travel piece revisiting the locations James Mason visits in the 1967 documentary The London Nobody Knows ... S tanding outside Somerfield on the Camden High Street shortly before 7am on a chilly Saturday morning might well be as inauspicious a beginning as you'll find to any pilgrimage. I'd stumbled bleary eyed onto an early train for this dubious pleasure and could now confidently attest it was every bit as dismal a facade as it appeared on Google Earth. Why choose to make a journey here? The answer lies in T he London Nobody Knows , a curious 1967 documentary largely forgotten by all but the most discerning of film aficionados. Loosely adapted from the book of the same name by Geoffrey Fletcher, it followed James Mason meandering around some of the capital's seamier locations. From archaic Camden Town to the bustle of Church Street Market, and culminating in a visit to the site of one of Jack the Ripper's mu